Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. Warranties

Product information/Care and Cleaning

1. All Matthews Design products are individually made by Susi Matthews. Time, exquisite care and years of experience and expertise goes into each item. All seams of all sewn items are serged, without exception. Whenever boning is used in a garment or product, it is steel boning in professional corsetry casings UNLESS a specific project calls for another kind of boning. This excludes corsets which are always made with steel boning. All bodices and surcoats and any other product when contains grommet lacing will have boning built into the product. I can pretty much guarantee that any less expensive product that you may purchase cannot make those claims; corsetry and period costumes are one area wherein you directly get what you pay for.

2. Care and cleaning instructions are DRY CLEAN or DRYELL (the at-home dry cleaning product which is available in the grocery store laundry aisle.) Trims, fabrics, interfacings, notions, buttons and lace are not pre-washed. If a customer machine or hand-washes any Matthews Design product or garment, this voids any warranty on that product. If a client wishes for a product to be washable, this must be communicated clearly in advance and a $10 charge will be added for laundry service.

3. All products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt by the purchaser. Except as noted below, Matthews Design will replace or refund at its sole discretion any item found to be defective: simply return the item(s) to us. (We recommend you use a shipping service that offers tracking, such as USPS Priority Mail or UPS.)

4. We are not responsible for wear and tear on garments or products that have been:

a. Worn larping. Yes, I LARP and I love it but don’t come running to me if you’ve been mauled by the Fomori.

b. Jousted in, for the same reasons as LARPing.

c. Used to put out a campfire, carry food, worn while pushing disabled vehicles, worn while being chased by wild animals, either 4 footed or 2, worn through a hurricane or in OK or TX or PA red dirt.

d. Otherwise misused, mistreated and abused through lack of good sense.

e. Also not responsible for weight loss or weight gain. All alterations after delivery are charged regular labor fees.

Please note: Return shipping charges for non-defective items shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


1. Custom-made items. This includes but is not limited to garments made to a customer’s measurements; bags and cases made to a specific set of measurements; home décor items made to a specific order and set of measurements.

2. Custom sewing or similar work is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from date of receipt. Matthews Design will repair or replace at its sole discretion any item that has construction defects.

2a. Custom sewing is not refundable. Once work has begun on a project, all fabrics; trims; notions; and related items become the property of Matthews Design until the project is paid for. Should a project be canceled once work has begun, any deposits shall be voided to Matthews Design to cover expenses incurred to that time, and any fabric supplied by the customer will be returned. Warranties are limited to the conditions listed above and no other terms are expressed or implied.

3. Articles derived from custom work where Matthews Design is not directly involved in all aspects of garment design and creation (including measuring the wearer and performing fittings) are warranted only to be within a reasonable fit. Alterations are assumed to be necessary, and will involve extra charges.

4. Pattern drafting is warranted to be within a reasonable fit based on the measurements provided by the customer, and is non-refundable.

5. Original designs by Matthews Designs., such as purses, pouches, laptop bags, computer cases, musical instrument bags, surcoats and all other original designs are protected by both copyright and intellectual property laws. If it is discovered that Matthews Design original designs have been copied and are attempting to be sold, we will pursue legal means to protect our designs.

II. Shipping

We ship via USPS Priority Mail and USPS International Priority Mail; UPS and FedEX are also available. Upon request we will ship by other methods, but the customer assumes all responsibility for tracking and receiving the package. In no event shall Matthews Design or its agents be held responsible for the condition, disposition, or delivery of the package once it has been given to a delivery service.

III. Deadlines

Matthews Design will make every effort to meet reasonable deadlines, but only if we know what they are: it is the client’s sole responsibility to communicate the actual date. Note: the phrase “As Soon As Possible” or “ASAP” is not a date. Matthews Design is not responsible for poorly communicated deadlines. Please DO NOT say, “Oh whenever” which means “Never” to a procrastinator. You have been warned.

IV. Payment Methods

At this time we accept PayPal, cash, money order/cashier’s check, and personal checks.

Clients will be charged a fee of $25.00 for any check returned regardless of the reason, and the check will immediately be remanded to collection agency for recovery. The client will be held responsible for all reasonable attorney and collection costs.

Make checks payable to “Matthews Design”. Checks made out any other way will be destroyed (not returned) and your order will be delayed while we attempt to collect payment.

Orders left unpaid in our system after fourteen days are automatically deleted without notice.

VI. Terms of Use

By accessing or using any features on MatthewsDesigns.com, you agree to be bound by these terms of service. We may periodically change these terms without providing prior notice. Though nobody ever does, we recommend that you read these terms carefully each time you use this website.